Ground Zero Mosque

Man, am I glad that the Muslims supporting the building of a mosque at Ground Zero have shown such good judgment! I mean, what a way to make friends with your fellow Americans! I can’t think of ANYTHING that says, “Hey buddy, let’s all get along and forget about all that airliner hijacking, suicide mass murder stuff” like building a mosque at the site of the most horrific Islamic terrorist act in the history of the United States. Now, THAT will build trust and goodwill. I mean, just LOOK at how well it already being received by New Yorkers!!! Great thinking!! There’s nothing the slightest bit disgusting, insulting, creepy, or just plain frickin’ sick about this idea.


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I am just overcome by a tsunami of gratitude that these Muslims have decided to take advantage of our nation’s religious tolerance, cemented in our constitution, in order to make this really smart, extremely productive gesture of friendship and understanding with all of us non-Muslim, dirt-eating, vile infidel kafirs who make up the overwhelming majority of the American population.  Thank goodness for the cultural sensitivity and consideration given to mainstream America by these really thoughtful, decent people.  It’s not like they’re gloating over a set of mass murders committed in the name of their faith or anything.  No, nothing like that at all, I’m sure.  It’s not like these are the folks who go around murdering film makers, trying to kill cartoonists, going on shooting rampages in hotels, trying to set-off their crotchbombs on airliners, planting bombs on subway trains, cutting the noses off of women, and beheading hostages or anything.  No, these are the followers of the religion of peace. I’m sure all those horrible things were done by some radical sect of the Hari Krishnas or the Lutherans or somebody.

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Widebody Jet Set

If you can’t fit into one seat, then buy two seats and stop expecting the rest of the world to carry your weight.

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Weak Leaks

CNN posts a religious piece worshiping booger-eating leakers of information harmful to servicemembers fighting overseas.

Here’s a little something to ponder:

  • Violation of 18 USC sec 793(e):  Imprisonment up to 10 years and fine
  • Violation of 18 USC sec 1030(a)(1) and (a)(2):  Imprisonment up to 20 years and fine

You can serve those consecutively.

Leakers hurt the good guys and help the bad guys.  Leakers steal air.

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Mona Shaw

This woman is my hero.

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